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UPSC CSE Prelims 2023 Test Series(English and Hindi) – 42 Test by ToppersNotes

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What do you get with ToppersNotes?
Total 42 Tests
  1. 6 Sectional Tests
  2. 6 Current Affairs dedicated Tests
  3. 6 Subject Wise Tests
  4. 16 Full-Length Tests
  5. 8 CSAT
Why Opt ToppersNotes Test Series for Prelims?
  1. Each Question is reviewed by Toppers and the Expert team of ToppersNotes.
  2. The test pattern is based on the analysis of the past 25 years’ test papers of UPSC prelims.
  3. Get Weekly topic analysis after each test and practice topic wise questions based on your performance.


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Test Type
Test No.
Test Name
Subject-1 Topics to be Covered Subject-2 Topics to be Covered Current Affairs
Sectional-1 1 UPSC CSE – IAS Prelims Mock Test-1 (History, Geo,IR) 10-07-2022 50 Art and culture
& History
Art & culture
Architecture and Sculptures
Religion and Philosphy
Indian Paintings
Indian Language & Literature
S&T in Ancient India
Indo islamic CultureAncient History
Prehistoric Period
Vedic Age
Religous Reforms
Mauryan Age & Post MauryanAge
Sangam Age
Guptas Age & Post GuptasMedieval History
Early Medieval Period
North India
South India
Sultnate Period
Delhi sultnate”
Vijaynagar Empire
Religious Movements
Bhakti Movements
Sufi Movements
Mughal Period
Maratha Confiderecy
Geography & IR Physical geography of World
Solar system
Geomorphology, climatology,Oceanography,
Natural Hazards and Disasters
ContinentsPhysical Geography of India
Location, Area and Boundaries
Structure and relief
Drainage system
We4ather, climate and Seasons
Soils, Natural vegetation, Plant and animal LifeIR: Map Based questions
June-August, 2020
Sectional-2 2 IAS Prelims Mock Test-2 (History, Geo,IR) 20-07-2022 50 Art and culture and Modern India Art & Culture
▪ Indian Paintings
▪ Indian Music,
▪ Dance
▪ Theatre, Cinema
▪ Art and CraftModern India
▪ India in the late Eighteenth Century
▪ The Advent of the Europeans and British Conquest of India
▪ The British Administrative Structure, Reform, Impact and Organization of
Government of India
▪ Social – Religious Movements in 19th – 20th centuries
▪ Freedom Struggle
▪ The Revolt of 1857 & change after 1857
▪ Moderate Phase (1885 – 1905)
▪ Extremist Phase (1905 – 17)
▪ Swadeshi Movement, Home Rule Movement etc.
▪ The Gandhian Era (1917– 47)
▪ Gandhi – Advent and Achievement
▪ Rowlatt Act, Jallianawala Bagh Massacre and Khilafat Movement
▪ Non- Cooperation, Civil Disobedience and Quit India Movement
▪ British Response and Negotiations
▪ INA and Subhash Chandra Bose
▪ Miscellaneous & Other Dimensions
▪ Reforms / Acts / Committee, Congress Session, Governor –General Viceroys, Policies, Tribal & Peasant Movements etc.
Geography and IR Economic and Human Geography – World
▪ Economic Geography of the world:
primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary
and quinary activities
▪ Human Geography of world
▪ World Population, Distribution &
Density, Races & Tribes, Settlement &
MigrationEconomic and Human Geography – India
▪ Agriculture
▪ Land Resources
▪ Water Resources
▪ Mineral and Energy Resources
▪ Industries
▪ Transport and Communication
▪ Foreign Trade
▪ Population, Migration, SettlementsIR
▪ International organizations, institutions, bodies
▪ Regional groupings, Bilateral agreements
▪ Summits, Indices, Reports, Excercises
Sept-Dec, 2020
CA-1 3 IAS Prelims Mock Test-3 (Current Affairs) 30-07-2022 50 CA Important happenings of national and international importance June-Dec-2020
Sectional-3 4 IAS Prelims Mock Test-4 (Polity, Environment) 10-08-2022 50 Indian Polity and Constitution Political system- Concepts, forms andf Types

Indian Constitution- History, making, features, preamble, Union and territory, Citizenship, FR, DPSP, FDs, Amedments, Basic Structure, Emergency,Const. & Non- Const. Bodies

Environment Basic Concepts
Components of Env
Env & Ecology
January-March 2021
Sectional-4 5 IAS Prelims Mock Test-5 (Polity, Environment) 20-08-2022 50 Indian Polity and Constitution Central Govt: President, VP, PM, Central Council of ministers
Parliament and State Lehislature
State Government: Governor, CM, State CoM
Centre State Realtions
Local Govt.
Judiciary & Elections
Environment Env. monitoring and impact
Env. Laws and Policies
Sustainable Development
Natural Resource Conservation
Env Problems
Energy Crisis & Sources Of Energy
April-June 2021
CA-2 6 IAS Prelims Mock Test-6 (Current Affairs) 30-08-2022 50 CA Important happenings of national and international importance January-June, 2021
Sectional-5 7 IAS Prelims Mock Test-7 (Economy, Science & Tech) 10-09-2022 50 Indian Economy National income Accounting Money banking Inflation and Employment Govt. Budgeting and fiscal Policy Capital; Market Science & Tech Basics of PCB
Nanotechnology, Space Tech, Biotech, Health Tech
July-Sept, 2021
Sectional-6 8 IAS Prelims Mock Test-8 (Economy, Science & Tech) 20-09-2022 50 Indian Economy Agriculture, Industry Serviecs, infra, FYP , Economic reforms since 1991, Foreign trade
IMF, WTO, WIPO,IPRs, International Institutions, Ext. Sector and currency Exchange Rate
Science & Tech ICT, Defence, AI, Robotics, MLInstitutions, Nuclear energy Oct-Dec, 2021
CA-3 9 IAS Prelims Mock Test-9 (Current Affairs) 30-09-2022 50 CA Important happenings of national and international importance July-Dec, 2021
Subjectwise-1 10 IAS Prelims Mock Test-10 (History& Art & Culture) 10-10-2022 50 History and Art & Culture ▪ Prehistoric period ▪ Harappan / Indus Valley Civilization▪ Vedic Age ▪ Mahajanapadas ▪ Religious Reforms ▪ Mauryan Age & Post Mauryan Age ▪ Sangam Age ▪ Guptas Age & Post Guptas Age ▪ (Brief History, Salient Features, Social, Economics, Religious and Cultural conditions of all the above)
▪ Architecture: Indus Valley Civilization, The Mauryan Architecture, The Sungas, Kushanas, Satavahanas & Guptas, The Temple Architecture, Indo-Islamic Architecture, Modern Architecture
▪ Sculpture: Indian Sculpture and Different schools of Art ▪ Indian Paintings ♦ Religion and Philosophy ▪ Philosophy: Six Schools of Philosophy, Ajivika, Lokayata etc. ▪ Indian Music ▪ Indian Dance ▪ Puppetry and Theatre. Language & Literature: Indian Language, Indian Literature ▪ Fairs, Festivals and Craf▪ Science & Technology, Ancient, Science & Technology, Medieval Science & Technology, Famous Personalities in Ancient and Medieval India ▪ Promotion and Preservation of Indian Heritage: Indian Word Heritage Sites, Cultural Heritage Sites, Natural Heritage Sites, Important Institutions ▪ Early Medieval Period: North India and South India ▪ Sultanate Period, Religious Movements, Bhakti Movement, Sufi Movement ▪ Mughal Period India under East India Company’s Rule Administration ▪ Struggle among European powers in India ▪ egulating Acts and Charter Acts: Regulating Act of 1773, Pitt’s India Act 1773 and Charter acts of 1784, 1793, 1813,1833, 1853 ▪ Indian Kingdoms in 18th century. ▪ British xpansion policy: Doctrine of lapse, Subordinate alliance etc. ▪ Economic policies and their impact ▪ Education Policies ▪ Socio – Religious Reform Movements in the 19th and 20th century India – Arya Samaj, Brahmo Samaj , etc ▪ The Great Revolt of 1857 ▪ Changes in Indian Administration after 1858 – GOI ACT 1858, Councils Act, 1861, 1892 ▪ Growth of Political Ideas and Political Organisations (up to 1885) ▪ Foundation of the Indian National Congress ▪ Moderate Phase (1885-1905) ▪ Partition of Bengal and the Swadeshi Movement ▪ The first phase of Revolutionary and Terrorist Movement ▪ The Morley-Minto Reforms or the Indian Councils Act, ▪ The Lucknow Pact (1916) ▪ The Home Rule Movement ▪ Montague-Chelmsford Reforms or the Government of India Act, 1919 ▪ The Khilafat Movement (1920-22) and Non-Cooperation Movement ▪ The Left Movement ▪ The second phase of Revolutionary and Terrorist Movement ▪ Anti-Simon Commission Agitation (1928-29) ▪ Nehru Report, 1928 ▪ The Lahore Session, 1929 ▪ The Civil Disobedience Movement (The first phase) ▪ Second Phase of Civil Disobedience Movement ▪ The Government of India Act, 1935 Provincial Elections and Formation of popular Ministries in Provinces, 1937 ▪ The Struggle in the Princely States: The Praja Mandal Movement ▪ The Second World War and the National Movement ▪ The August Offer 1940 ▪ The Individual Satyagraha 1940-41 ▪ The Cripps Proposal, 1942 ▪ The Quit India Movement, I942 ▪ Subhas Bose and Indian National Army ▪ Rajagopalachari Formula & Desai Liaqat Plan ▪ Wavell Plan and Simla Conference 1945 ▪ General Elections in India, 1945 ▪ Naval Mutiny: 1946 ▪ The Indian Independence Act, 1947 Miscellaneous: Reforms / Acts / Committee, Congress Sessions, Governor –General Viceroys etc. Other Dimensions ▪ Tribal Movements ▪ Peasants Movement ▪ Dalit Movements ▪ Women movements
▪ Role of Press and Publications ▪ Role of Business groups ▪ Foreign policies of British India
Jan-March, 2022
Subjectwise-2 11 IAS Prelims Mock Test-11- Indian Polity and Constitution 20-10-2022 50 Indian Polity and Cionstitution Historical underpinning, Making of Constituion, Salient Features of Indian Constitution, Preamble, Citizenship, Union and its Territory, Fundamental rights, Fundamental Duties, DPSPs, Amendments to the Constitution, Basic Structure Doctrine, President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Council of Ministers, Parliament and Parliamentary Committees, Centre-State relations, Inter-state Relations, Indian Judicial system
Governor, LG, Chief Minister, State Council of Ministers, State Legislature, Panchayati Raj Institution, Local government, Special Provisions for some states, Special provisions for SC/ST and OBCs, Constitutional and Non Constitutional Bodies, Important Government Schemes and Initiatives, Elections and Political Parties
April-June 2022
CA-4 12 IAS Prelims Mock Test-12 (Current Affairs) 30-10-2022 50 CA Important happenings of national and international importance Jan-June, 2022
Subjectwise-3 13 IAS Prelims Mock Test 13- Economy 10-11-2022 50 Indian Economy Five Year Plans, National Income, Types of Money, Money supply and Monetary Aggregates, Banking, Monetary Policies, Financial inclusion, important committees and reforms related to them, Fiscal Policy, Budget, Public Finance, Securities market and Financial market in India, BoP, Inflation, Unemployment, Poverty, Growth and Development, Agriculture and Land reforms, Industries, Service Sector, Financial Institutuions, Economic Reforms July-Aug, 2022
Subjectwise-4 14 IAS Prelims Mock Test-14 Environment & ecology 20-11-2022 50 Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity Ecology, Ecosystem, Biogeochemical Cycles, Ecological Succession, Ecological Niche, Biodiversity: types, measurement, functions, Biodiversity in India, Biodiversity Conservation, Important Policies, Acts, Missions, Environment, Important Acts, Policies and Initiatives, Various institutions of national and international importance, Climate Change, Important Acts, Policies and Initiative, Various institutions of National and International importance. Sept-Oct, 2022
CA-5 15 IAS Prelims Mock Test-15 (Current Affairs) 30-11-2022 50 CA Important happenings of national and international importance July-Oct, 2022
Subjectwise-5 16 IAS Prelims Mock Test-16 Geography 10-12-2022 50 Geography and IR Geomorphology, Oceanography, Climatology, World Mapping, Distribution of Resources, Indian Physical geography, Drainage System, Climates in India, Indian Monsoon, Resource Distribution in India, Mapping, Important International Organizations, Reports, Places in News, June, 2020 – April 2021
Subjectwise-6 17 IAS Prelims Mock Test-17 Science & Tech 20-12-2022 50 Science and Tech General Sciences, Defence Technology, Space Technology, Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Acts, Policies, Initiatives and Institutions related to these technologies, Biotechnology, Nano Technology, Robotics, Acts, Policies, Initiatives and Institutions related to these technologies May, 2021 – March, 2022
CA-6 18 IAS Prelims Mock Test-18 (Current Affairs) 30-12-2022 50 CA Important happenings of national and international importance April 2022 – Dec 2022
FLT 19 Full Length : Test-1 08-01-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies July-Aug, 2022
FLT 20 Full Length : Test-2 15-01-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Sept – Oct, 2022
FLT 21 Full Length : Test-3 22-01-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Nov-Dec, 2022
CSAT-1 22 CSAT : Test-1 29-01-2023 80 CSAT Entire Syllabus of CSAT
FLT 23 Full Length : Test-4 05-02-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Nov, 2022
FLT 24 Full Length : Test-5 12-02-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Dec, 2022
FLT 25 Full Length : Test-6 19-02-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Jan, 2023
CSAT-2 26 CSAT : Test-2 26-02-2023 80 CSAT Entire Syllabus of CSAT
FLT 27 Full Length : Test-7 05-03-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Dec, 2022
FLT 28 Full Length : Test-8 12-03-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Jan, 2023
FLT 29 Full Length : Test-9 19-03-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Feb, 2023
CSAT-3 30 CSAT : Test-3 26-03-2023 80 CSAT Entire Syllabus of CSAT
FLT 31 Full Length : Test-10 02-04-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Jan, 2023
FLT 32 Full Length : Test-11 09-04-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies Feb, 2023
FLT 33 Full Length : Test-12 16-04-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies March, 2023
CSAT-4 34 CSAT : Test-4 23-04-2023 80 CSAT Entire Syllabus of CSAT
FLT 35 Full Length : Test-13 30-04-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies June, 2020 – May 2022
CSAT-5 36 CSAT : Test-5 30-04-2023 80 CSAT Entire Syllabus of CSAT
FLT 37 Full Length : Test-14 07-05-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies June, 2020 – May 2022
CSAT-6 38 CSAT : Test-6 07-05-2023 80 CSAT Entire Syllabus of CSAT
FLT 39 Full Length : Test-15 14-05-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies June, 2020 – May 2022
CSAT-7 40 CSAT : Test-7 14-05-2023 80 CSAT Entire Syllabus of CSAT
FLT 41 Full Length : Test-16 21-05-2023 100 General Studies Entire Syllabus of General Studies June, 2020 – May 2022
CSAT-8 42 CSAT : Test-8 21-05-2023 80 CSAT Entire Syllabus of CSAT


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