ToppersNotes UPPSC Pre and Mains Complete Package with One-to-One Mentorship for 2023/2024 Aspirants


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UPPSC Complete Package with One-to-One Mentorship:

What you will get in UPPSC Mentorship Program by ToppersNotes?

  • One-to-One Mentoring Session
  • A dedicated Mentor to Record the Progress & Guide the Aspirant
  • Customized Study Plan based on Assessment of Aspirant
  • Target based Weekly Tests
  • Dedicated Session on Current Affairs
  • Special Session on Paper Solving Technique
  • Access to Sorted Video Content & Practice Question
  • Access to Strong Expert Support to Guide You through
  • Tips & Tricks for Stress Handling
The package also includes:
  • UPPSC ToppersNotes (GS Pre + Mains) – Set of 15 Books)
  • UPPSC Prelims Test Series
Meet Your Mentors:
UPPSC Pre Mentorship Programme 

(100 Days)

With only 100 days left in UPPSC Preliminary Exam, 2023 pressure is building on every aspirant due to increasing competition and poor success ratio.
Every year almost 10 Lakh students prepare for UPPSC Civil Services Examination, but less than 1000 clear this exam. Almost 99% of the applicants couldn’t even clear their Prelims… Why?
The answer is simple but hidden under the complex web of the syllabus, exam patterns, and topic significance.
Once anyone deciphers this mighty equation, the result is clear and inevitable. The chances of your success depend on when you understand the small hints UPPSC gives. It can be your first attempt or fourth or fifth attempt once you crack the code, you will crack this exam with minimal effort and in no time.
To help you decode this theorem, ToppersNotes has come up with a unique UPPSC Pre Mentorship Programme where you will get a detailed step-by-step strategy to Crack this gigantic exam.
It is not just a discussion session but an attempt to pass on the expertise you require.

Features of the Programme:
  • One-to-One Mentorship Sessions
  • Evolving a customised study plan as per the strength and weaknesses of the aspirant.
  • Target Based Weekly tests for a detailed evaluation of your progress.
  • Access to Toppersnotes Value-added material and Prelims Test Series.
  • Special sessions on Current Affairs, Most expected topic identification, paper-solving technique and Stress handling to make you exam ready.
  • A dedicated mentor to record your progress and guide you through.
  • Access to strong expert support to clear all your doubts.
Total 10 One-on-One Mentorship Sessions:
Session 1 Know where you stand?
  • It is a basic introductory session to know the preparation level of the aspirant.
  • After the session, the aspirant has to attempt a test and based on the analytics of the test and the discussion held in the session, a customised study plan will be provided to the aspirant.
Session 2 Progress Check
  • It is to track the progress of the aspirant based on the study plan provided and understand the challenges the student is facing.
  • If required, the plan will be further customised.
Session 3 Most fruitful subjects Identification
  • Identify the combination of the subjects that best work for the candidate to ensure greater results.
Session 4 Dealing with Current Affairs
  • Pre-requisite: A Current Affairs Test
  • As per the result of this test, guide him/her on the approach towards current affairs.
Session 5 Progress Check
  • It is to track the progress and understand the challenges the student is facing.
  • If required, the plan will be further customised.
Session 6 Identify Most Expected Topics
  • Based on the recent trend of UPPSC and current affairs, help aspirants identify the most expected topics for this year’s Prelims.
  • After the session, the candidate shall be provided with a list of such topics.
Session 7 Paper Solving Technique
  • Decode for the candidate the most efficient way to solve the paper.
  • Discuss the dos and don’ts while solving paper and how to manage time.
Session 8 Progress Check
  • It is to track the progress and understand the challenges the student is facing.
Session 9 Stress Buster
  • Guide the candidate on stress handling before and during the exam.
Session 10 Last Minute Tips
  • Discuss the last-minute tips and tricks with the candidate.
  • At the end of the session, the candidate shall be provided with a last-minute checklist to have a hassle-free day.
UP-PSC ToppersNotes contains 15 books based on the Latest Edition of UP-PSC exam.

To check samples, click on the links below:
GS Paper 1
VOLUME 2 – Ancient & Medieval History of India
VOLUME 3 – Modern Indian History
VOLUME 4 – World History
VOLUME 5 – Geography of World
VOLUME 6 – Indian Geography

GS paper 2:
VOLUME 1 – Polity and Constitution
VOLUME 2 – International Relations
VOLUME 3 – Society, Social Justice and Governance

GS Paper 3:
VOLUME 1 – Economy
VOLUME 2 – Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity
VOLUME 3 – Science & Tech
VOLUME 4 – Disaster Management & Internal Security

GS Paper 4:
VOLUME 1 – Ethics, Integrity & Essay Writing

Uttar Pradesh GK & Current Affairs

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