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Crack UGC-NET Paper 2 Environmental Science With ToppersNotes

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Key Highlights of UGC-NET Environmental Science Notes:
  • Fundamentals with structure and composition of Atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere are cited with examples. Complete curriculum for heat transfer processes, laws of thermodynamics, meteorological parameters are explicitly mentioned.
  • Environmental Chemistry, analytic techniques, Stoichiometry, toxic chemicals have been elaboratively explained. 
  • Energy and Environment with numerical and renewable energy sources have been researched well and in detail.
How will ToppersNotes help you in cracking UGC-NET Environmental Science?
  • Self-explanatory Notes (no reference material needed).
  • Notes have been prepared by UGC Top Faculties & Toppers, thus giving you an edge over regular aspirants.
  • Problem-solving methods & short tricks  by Toppers & Recommended by Experienced Faculties.
  • The package is strictly based on the pattern of examination and covers the vast syllabus of UGC NET Environmental Science in just a crisp set of  6 books.
  • After preparing from ToppersNotes- more than 80% of questions in any question bank for UGC can be solved.
  • Notes are concise and to the point, thus saves a lot of your time.
Quality of ToppersNotes:-
    • The latest edition of Notes.
    • Written in clean and readable handwriting.
    • Properly indexed with page numbers such that every topic is easily accessible.
    • Save cost as it delivers the knowledge of toppers and coachings at a lesser price.
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UGC NET Environmental Science ToppersNotes Latest Edition

UGC-NET Environmental Science is a highly competitive exam and it needs a lot of hard work, knowledge, and skillset to crack it. We, at ToppersNotes, understand the need for having the right knowledge for UGC-NET Environmental Science. A lot of UGC-NET Environmental Science aspirants in our survey said that they do not know how to start? & what to study?


We have rigorously thought over the matter and have realized that no one knows it better than those who have prepared and cracked it. The other set of people are coaching institutes. They have been working over the years to master the field of  UGC-NET Environmental Science.  We have come up with a product named ToppersNotes for UGC-NET Environmental Science for Paper 2, which is a perfect amalgamation of experience and hard work of both UGC-NET Environmental Science Rankers and the coaching institutes. These notes are carefully compiled with good handwriting to give you a short and concise theory on the topics which you need to learn and where you need to focus upon. ToppersNotes will surely get you started and give you the best direction for your UGC-NET Environmental Science preparations.


Coaching institutes charge a premium for their experience and understanding of the exam. We bring the benefit of both at a very low price.

Path to Success

The notes will do wonder about your preparation if you also do the following things. You need to go through ToppersNotes thoroughly and practice current affairs from ToppersNotes Current Affairs APP. Current Affairs APP keeps you updated about current affairs on a regular basis, as a lot of questions are directly asked from current events.

UGC-NET Environmental Science ToppersNotes Handwritten is the result of the efforts of toppers and the expert content team. Notes contain study material in a very short and concise form and cover the facts and figures which are required for the exam. UGC-NET Environmental Science Paper 2 notes can serve as a good source of study material for those who are preparing from home and not attending any coaching Institute.

Have a look at what is there inside UGC-NET Environmental Science Paper 2 Notes

Complete Study Material has 6 Volumes (For samples click on the hyperlink)

PAPER – 2 VOLUME – 1 Fundamental of Environmental Science
PAPER – 2 VOLUME – 2 Fundamental of Environmental Chemistry & Environmental Biology
PAPER – 2 VOLUME – 3 Environmental Geoscience & Energy Environment
PAPER – 2 VOLUME – 4 Environmental Pollution & Control
PAPER – 2 VOLUME – 5 Waste & Environmental Assessment, Management & legislation
PAPER – 2 VOLUME – 6  Statistical Analysis & Global issues of environmental

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