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Prepare with the NEW EDITION of IIT JEE MAINS & ADVANCE ToppersNotes!!

Crack JEE Main & Advance with ToppersNotes in first attempt with NEW EDITION of ToppersNotes!
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Features of ToppersNotes:
  • Get a complete and comprehensive hold on your subjects.
  • Attempt the exam with the best preparations.
  • Get Self-explanatory Notes, no additional study material is needed.
  • Notes have been prepared by JEE top faculties & toppers, thus giving you an edge over regular aspirants.
  • Detailed theory and concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Complete Syllabus of JEE Mains & Advance in 14 books.
  • Problem-solving methods, short tricks and tips and solved examples are available.
  • Special focus on high scoring topics to increase your chances of selection.
How to crack JEE with ToppersNotes:-
  • Thoroughly study ToppersNotes and solve questions from standard question banks and previous year question paper.
  • Regularly revise your notes even after the completion of your syllabus.
  • Retain the knowledge shared in the notes with the Problem-solving skills as they are most important thing in cracking JEE.
  • Regularly work upon your speed and accuracy.
  • Timely practice the questions as per the duration.
Why choose ToppersNotes JEE Notes?
  • Collected from top coaching institutes and written by toppers.
  • You will find important marked information, short tricks to remember and concise theory to help you memorize easily.
  • It covers problem solving methods used by toppers.
  • Focussed study material, saves your time and no extra burden in search of other study material.
  •  Brings you onboard with the mainstream JEE preparation so that you don’t miss out on anything.
Quality of Handwritten ToppersNotes:
    • The Latest Edition of Notes.
    • Written in a clean and readable handwriting.
    • Properly indexed with page numbers such that every topic is easily accessible.
    • Saves cost as it delivers the knowledge of toppers and coaching institutes at a lesser price.

Get 14 books and cover all important topics for JEE in detail with solved examples wherever required.

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JEE Mains & Advance ToppersNotes – NEW EDITION

Features & Benefits

Need: To understand toppers study requirement.


Compiled and developed from the notes of top 100 JEE rankers.

More than 4200 pages of toppers Handwritten material developed exclusively for JEE Main & Advanced aspirants.

Benefit: Comprehensive and complete blend of knowledge and hard work which will boost your speed towards success in JEE.

Need: To get variety of questions in single book.


1500+ Variety of questions with solutions.

Diversity in every question and diagrammatic representation with their respective solution.

Benefit: No need for additional reference material for any particular topic as you will get variety of questions so that you don’t have to buy expensive books.

Need: Why toppers solve the same problem in few second while you struggle with the same?


Unique/special tricks of toppers.

Access to toppers unique and hard problem solving methodologies and strategies.

Easy memorization of important concepts in short time.

Benefit: You can too practice the secrets of toppers.

Need: The necessity to revise concept before exam.


Properly indexed notes with important highlights.

Concise notes on difficult concepts and topics. Developed exclusively for quick revision.

Benefit ⇒ Revise concept quickly and efficiently with emphasis on important topics.

Features: formula sheet and important tables

  • Important formulas and tables with mnemonics to remember

Benefit ⇒ All Formulae and key points put together for a quick revision

Why handwritten notes ?

  • This is useful records of toppers which is truest to its form

  • Helps Understanding

  • Helps Exam revision

  • Pattern notes can be more memorable visually

For your self study or for revision purpose after completion of coaching, you must have ToppersNotes for your preparations.

Have a look at what is there inside JEE Mains & Advance – NEW EDITION

Complete Study Material has 14 Volumes( For samples click on hyperlink)


Inorganic Chemistry Volume I

Inorganic Chemistry Volume II

Organic Chemistry Volume I

Organic Chemistry Volume II

Physical Chemistry Volume I

Physical Chemistry Volume II

Physical Chemistry Volume III


Physics Volume I

Physics Volume II

Physics Volume III


Mathematics Volume I

Mathematics Volume II

Mathematics Volume III

Mathematics Volume IV

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