IAS -UPSC CSE Toppersnotes-Current Affairs-Practise (GS Pre+Mains) – English Medium – 14 Books – Latest Edition


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“Crack UPSC Pre & Mains with ToppersNotes Complete Package”
What do you get in UPSC CSE Package?
  • 14 ToppersNotes books for Pre & Mains (General Studies & Essay Writing)
  • Practice Questions- 30,000+questions for Designed for Pre on topics and sub-topics level.
  • Previous year question papers – Topic-wise segregated questions of past 30 years.
  • E-Magazines Daily and monthly magazines with important articles, topper’s strategy, important questions.
  • Daily Current Affairs – coverage of exam-relevant events of National and international importance with Quizzes.

IAS Toppers contribution in ToppersNotes Package?

First time, line-by-line curated & reviewed by Topper (IAS Abhishek Saraf, AIR-8)  and  UPSC  Experts( Pre & Mains qualified) of ToppersNotes.  Incorporating the winning strategy that will fire up your preparation.

ToppersNotes Introduction by Abhishek Saraf, AIR-8

ToppersNotes UPSC Unboxing by UPSC Expert Neha Ma’am

Why prepare from ToppersNotes for UPSC CSE?
  1.  ToppersNotes is an amalgamation of knowledge, hard work, and consistent efforts of UPSC experts, blended with the experience of  Top rankers of UPSC.
  2. Holistic Coverage from Basics to Advance level, Ideal for all the aspirants whether they are beginner or an Expert.
  3. QR code enabled – Prepare, practice, Revise in just one Scan
  4. A single reading of ToppersNotes can prepare you up to 70% for UPSC exam.
  5. For Aspirants, ToppersNotes has acted as a true mantra for success as it gives an exact idea of every why, what and how of IAS preparation.
Quality of ToppersNotes:-
    1. Static + Current Coverage – Linking the current articles with the related static content of all GS papers .
    2. Regular updation of content with current dimensions through QR code make our content a ‘live course’.
    3. Structural Breakdown of topics upto 4 or 5 levels.
    4. Flowcharts, maps, and infographics helps in picturizing the concept in a precise manner, and makes it easy to remember.
    5. Saves cost as it delivers the knowledge of toppers and coachings at a small price.
    6. Lucid– Exam oriented student friendly language for better understanding.

To check detailed samples and the quality of notes, Follow the link below.

IAS Toppers Notes Samples

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UPSC CSE ToppersNotes by Abhishek Saraf AIR 8

Contains books, current affairs app & magazines, QR linked question practise covering the General studies syllabus for both UPSC Pre & Mains – Latest Edition


UPSC CSE is a highly competitive exam and it needs a lot of hard work, knowledge, and skillset to crack it. We, at ToppersNotes, understand the need for having the right knowledge for IAS. A lot of IAS aspirants in our survey said that they do not know how to start? & what to study?


We have rigorously thought over the matter and have realized that no one knows it better than those who have prepared and cracked it. The other set of people are coaching institutes. They have been working over the years to master the field of IAS.  We have come up with a product named ToppersNotes for IAS, which is a perfect amalgamation of experience and hard work of both IAS Rankers and the coaching institutes. These notes are carefully compiled to give you a short and concise theory on the topics which you need to learn and where you need to focus upon. ToppersNotes will surely get you started and give you the best direction for your IAS preparations.


Coaching institutes charge a premium for their experience and understanding of the exam. We bring the benefit of both at a very low price.

Path to Success

The notes will do wonder about your preparation if you also do the following things. Daily Current Affairs from ToppersNotes Current Affairs App – Current Affairs are updated timely. You can also solve daily quizzes within the APP. Daily solve questions from ToppersNotes APP. Practice Questions 30,000+ questions Designed for Pre & Mains on topics and sub-topics level.

IAS toppers Printed Notes- General studies are the result of the efforts of various IAS aspirants, teachers, and toppers. Notes contain study material in a very short and concise form and cover the facts and figures which are required for the exam. IAS Notes can serve as a good source of study material for those who are preparing from home and not attending any coaching institute

Have a look at what is there inside UPSC CSE Notes.

( For samples click on the hyperlink)

GS Paper 1
G.S. Paper 1- Volume 1: Art & Culture
G.S. Paper 1- Volume 2: Ancient and Medieval History of India
G.S. Paper 1- Volume 3: Morden History & Post Independence
G.S. Paper 1- Volume 4: World History and World Geography(Mapping)
G.S. Paper 1- Volume 5: Geography of World
G.S. Paper 1- Volume 6: Indian Geography

GS Paper 2
G.S. Paper 2- Volume 1: Polity and Constitution
G.S. Paper 2- Volume 2: International Relations
G.S. Paper 2- Volume 3: Society, Social Justice and Governance

GS Paper 3
G.S. Paper 3- Volume 1: Economy
G.S. Paper 3- Volume 2: Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity
G.S. Paper 3- Volume 3: Science and Tech
G.S. Paper 3- Volume 4: Disaster Management and Internal Security

GS Paper 4
G.S. Paper 4- Volume 1: Ethics, Integrity and Essay Writing

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